Welcome to The Corporate Wellness Workshop that works with you, your time, your employee and your company.  Our program is easy, fast, successful and will re-invigorate your employees, your company and your bottom line.


  • It's Easy We come to you.  Your team meets in groups at times and days that work for you.  Solutions are found.  Bonding occurs.  Motivation rises.


  • It's Fast  We don't need weeks or months to identify obstacles or goals.  Day one and we're off and running.  Every workshop offers real results.


  • It's Fun  Our workshops engage your employees. They're eager to come to work, share ideas, find solutions and hve fun too!


  • It's Profitable  We help you increase your bottom line.  Disengaged or ill employee cost employers more than $300 billion annual.  Disengagement is expensive.  Re-engagement is easy, fast, fun and profitable!


  • It's Working  Our Wellness Workshops are not cookie-cutter.  Each workshop is particular to each company we work with because evey company has specific goals and every employee is unique. We match the workshops to your company and employee goals, wants and needs.



We all know that chronic disease, obesity, aging and demotivation are all tied together.  Nothing seems to be helping.  And the truth is that companies are the ones who suffer with inactive, demotivated, sick, out of work employees that lead to a competitive decline while increasing expenses and reducing profits.  You can't look to outside factors to help increase your bottom line.   A wellness program that works with you, your coroprate goals and your individual employees is the solution.





Some Numbers:

54%of employees have said: "Work has a negative impact on my health."  


300X  That's how much more productive a company is when it promote wellness coaching and healthy living. 



RockZebra is a holistic health counseling group that works directly with children, teens, families, individuals and companies to transform the world into a healthier, happier, more productive and creative place by providing education, opportunity and choices that will lead to a better life.


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